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Spring Boot and Vaadin with Maven- Addons

08 Januar, 2016 | Java

Using Vaadin add ons with Spring Boot is a bit tricky.

You have to do this steps:

  1. Add the new dependency to the the pom.xml
    This should create a new AppWidgetSet.xml in the source root folder.
  2. Run maven clean vaadin:compile
    This cleans the target folder and creates a new widgetset.
  3. Create the folder WebContent
    Copy the folder VAADIN from the folder target/classes into the WebContent folder.
  4. Add the annotation @Widgetset("de.jefure.sensorClient.AppWidgetSet") to the UI class.
    In this case it the class de.jefure.sensorClient.SensorFrontendUI
  5. Start the application
    The new Addon can be used now